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Please read the following and then scroll down to download/print the application

Applicants need to be at least 16 years of age, physically fit, and able to perform the duties of an EMT.

1. Membership begins with filling out the application and an in-person meeting with the Membership Committee. At this meeting, questions will be asked and answered by both the Committee and the applicant. 

If the applicant is under the age of 18, a parent must accompany them.

2.  Once the application is approved, information about registering for the course at the Bergen County EMS Training Center in Paramus is given.

If the applicant chooses to go to a different training center, we will assist them in registering and provide an EMS Training Fund Form if that center accepts it. This form covers the entire cost of the training, except for the EMT textbook.

Professional-level CPR Training is required before the start of the course.

The Fall and Spring courses are 250 hours long and are usually two nights a week with some weekends in addition to online work at home.

The summer EMT course is five days a week for about six weeks, with the same required coursework.

3.  Once the course is completed, there is a school-based test and then the NREMT Certification Test (National Registry of EMTs).

Upon passing, there is typically a graduation where family and friends can attend. We try our best to attend this ceremony to congratulate our new member(s).

Note, Although we no longer require a drug test before acceptance, applicants will sign our drug use policy and we reserve the right to drug test a member.

5. The applicant now becomes a probationary member and will be given the contact information of the respective line officer who will schedule them on a duty crew shift. Once they have a shift, they will receive a pager. If the pager is activated for a medical call during their duty crew time slot, they are to electronically mark themselves as responding and make their way to the building in a safe but prudent manner.

As you can see, applicants must be highly interested and motivated to become an EMT. It is the most rewarding opportunity you can imagine. The things they learn and the experiences they have will last a lifetime!

If you are interested, please print and fill out the application previewed below. If you have any questions, reach out to

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