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Our Building

Tri-Boro Ambulance moved into its 10 Mill Lane Building in 1985. It features a three-bay garage, basement with fitness equipment, meeting room, upstairs training room, and a back patio.

Tri-Boro Volunteer Ambulance Corps has three ambulances, a First-Responder car, and a Gator UTV & trailer.

All of our ambulances are equipped with Stryker Power-LOAD stretchers, AEDs, LUCAS CPR Chest Compression System, Suction, First Aid Supplies, Oxygen, backboards, stair chairs, and much, much more!


Ambulance 220

Ambulance 220 is a 2012 International TerraStar Chassis with a Horton patient compartment (box). This box will be remounted in 2025 on a new Ford F-550 Chassis.


Ambulance 221

Ambulance 221 is a 2007 Chevy C4500 "Kodiac" Chassis with a Horton patient compartment.


Ambulance 222

Ambulance 222 is our newest ambulance. It is a 2021 Ford F-550 Chassis with a Horton patient compartment.  This rig is equipped with the same equipment as our other ambulances, but it also has newer technology such as a Horton i4G touchscreen emergency function interface, rumbler siren, liquid spring suspension, and a 360° camera system, to name a few.


First Responder Car 224

First Responder Car 224 is a 2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility (Ford Explorer). It carries much of the same lifesaving equipment as the ambulances do (such as the LUCAS CPR device, AED (defibrillator), suction, etc.) and can transport crew members to the scene of a critical emergency or large-scale incident and set up EMS command.


Gator UTV 225

UTV 225 is a 2017 John Deere Gator. It is used at events, off-road areas, and anywhere else getting manpower, equipment, and anywhere else vehicles would have difficulty getting to. It can seat four in the cab and has a module on the rear that can be used to hold a patient and EMT attendant while they are brought to an awaiting ambulance.

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